MEIWA e-TEC's total solutions combine its four core technologies to create next-generation manufacturing plants.

To support our customers solve issues of the production site,
we at MEIWA e-TEC provide customized total solutions,
from system design and construction to field services,
by combining our cutting-edge technologies, 'AMR', 'AI & Big Data',
'Robot & Mechatronics', 'Electronics', 'Manufacturing DX', together.

By linking AMR with our operation management system, we contribute to the significant improvement of the logistics processes at the production sites.
AI & Big Data
With optimal technology for each inspection and measurement, we support a broad range of needs from studies to automation of quality checks.
Robot & Mechatronics
Construction robot systems and introducing conveyors achieve labor saving and productivity improvement.
Sequence control technology supports automated production lines, we offer total support from electric control development to site work.
Manufacturing DX
We offer efficient production site, visualization, quality improvement and prevention of defect outflow with software and networking.